Financial Status Certificate

In order to obtain a financial status certificate at the Parish Council, you must:

Fill in the PDF form available below, then print and go to the Parish Council, with the necessary documents. The document will be delivered to you at the same time.

 Financial Status Certificate

Necessary documents from all members of the family:

  • Identity Card (Cartão de Cidadão/Bilhete de Identidade/NIF (Tax number));
  • Monthly income(salary, retirement allowance, pension, benefits from unemployment, scholarship, child benefit, alimony, or other supporting income);
  • declaration issued by the Social Security stating the absence of income( in the case of the unemployed);
  • expenses(rent/bank loans/bill of water, energy, gas, medication, nursery, transport);
  • resident permit with the current address in case of foreign citizens;
  • passaport with residence visa for Portugal for foreign citizens without residence permit.

If you are not registered in this parish or if you are a foreign citizen and do not have a lease or loan in your name, you must present two witnesses from resident and registered citizens in Paranhos, bringing a photocopy of your identity card or citizen's card (the witnesses must sign the form).

Note: The issuing of the certificate of financial hardship depends on the evaluation of the financial status by the Junta de Freguesia, according to the criteria set out. 

More informations: 22 502 00 46 |
Information on the amount to be paid can be found in the Regulations and General Table of Fees in force.